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2022.01.26 14:38 IDK_yet Found in engrish

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2022.01.26 14:38 Sipyloidea Michelle Buteau tells men some basic rules about how not to be a predator

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2022.01.26 14:38 Mrminecrafthimself Dial Soap

Reddit poem
Dial Soap
In my shower I keep a yellow-orange bar of Dial soap. When I rub it between my hands and turn it to suds I can see the plastic farmer’s sink in your basement bathroom-laundry. The decades stained across the basin in long, yellow streaks.
In the foam I can hear the theme song to “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” through the speakers of the 90s model box television as my siblings and cousins asked each other if they ever wondered what it’d be like to live in a fancy hotel.
The steam rises and I can hear you smile. More times than I can count I have logged into Zillow and typed into the search bar:
117 Scott Street Springfield, KY 40069
All those photos of empty rooms. The kitchen and the detachable dishwasher that I was afraid would eat me when I was five years old. The living room where I spent so many sick days eating cream of wheat and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. The tiny, balding backyard that held a thousand multi-colored eggs every Easter Sunday.
They all sound like you. They all smell like Dial soap.
One and two
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2022.01.26 14:38 crystalizedwolf Started a new job and switched clinics but I’m so burnt out I’m worried this is going to be bad like that last job? Am I just self sabotaging?

So I literally want to be a veterinarian and don’t feel burned out oh my passion for that but as a vet assistant who was treated horribly by my last DVM for 1.5 years… I can’t help but to think every job will be horrible. I’m 2 days into my new clinic and it’s a learning curve trying to get used to everyone’s methods. It sucks being the new person again and having the shitty position when I slowly worked my way up the latter at my old job.
I was burnt out and overworked there and took this new job because it was ideally only 33-38 hours a week, better pay and benefits etc. Its a lot busier though and after a week off of work my body feels like I haven’t even worked a day on my feel these last two days. I know I need to get into the swing of it again and will have days where I’m just sore all over. But another thing is they do nearly all medium and large dogs on the floor. Large dogs I don’t mind but medium dogs I find hard to properly restrain in kneeling positions. They don’t have a lift table either which is a bummer. Also I found out they have 1 assistant all day doing ALL of that doctors appointments per each 3. Is this normal? In my last clinic it was a 1 doctor clinic and he did tons of appointments but we had 3 people usually as assistants.
I guess I’m worried that I’m 1) still taking my anger from my last job out on this job and thinking it’s going to be the same 2) worried I’m just too physically out of shape to do this job especially the constant kneeling. (I didn’t mind the occasional floor restrain at my last job but that’s nearly all it is at this clinic and I really don’t want to blow out my knees and back so early on. Any advice on how to get through the kneeling and get more stability. Any exercises I can do at home?
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2022.01.26 14:38 Orange_Hedgie I got locked out of my house

Now I’m in the library waiting for someone to get home :)
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2022.01.26 14:38 DJagni238 Sugarfish Sushi, LA

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2022.01.26 14:38 OliverMarkusMalloy Joe Rogan talks about Russian Troll Farms

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2022.01.26 14:38 Comfortable_Guest339 Scholarships?

Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could find scholarships to apply for? I never did it during undergrad, stupid I know, so I have no idea where to start. I found some websites that curate lists for you, but they require a membership fee. Let me know what you used previously or what you're using now to pay for law school! I greatly appreciate it.
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2022.01.26 14:38 IlligimateDemented45 President Trump 🇺🇸Drops a HUGE Teaser While on Golf Course (0:44) See link below 🚞🚃🚃🚃🇺🇸💨💨Download Trump Tracker

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2022.01.26 14:38 TheStockyScholar Do you ever call guys out on their bullshit and if so, when was the last time and what happened?

Last time, for me, was less than a week ago.
A friend and I had a falling out and somehow I was blamed for his communication issues.
I’m not the type of guy to take criticism harshly, I’ll have my emotions but I’m not going to ignore them and keep doing the same shit.
He just way too scared of my reaction and that turned into built up frustration.
I can’t be better or more effective in a relationship if you don’t communicate with me. I try to better myself and be more open and attentive but I’m set up when I get a midterm to take without any prior content.
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2022.01.26 14:38 bdsmerhy Psychiatrist specializing in social anxiety/hikikomori etc

This is for a family member in his 20s,
It started a few months before covid when he quit university (we still don't know the reason) in dec 2019. But when quarantine started it march 20 it got even worse. Went from going out once every week to see friends to not go out of the house at ALL until now. No more friends, work etc.
Is there a psychiatrist who is specialized with this? Hikikomori's, Neet ( Not in Education, Employment or Training)?
Preferably in or near Brussels and French
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2022.01.26 14:38 aresef Jad Abumrab is leaving Radiolab

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2022.01.26 14:38 Cease-2-Desist Update on Michael Scott in Boulder, Co.

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2022.01.26 14:38 AbrilTadpole Getting ready to watch another episode of AJLT

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2022.01.26 14:38 DFKTClothing Restocked my Think Outside The Jar Crewneck + my Lavender hoodie in select sizes today!

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2022.01.26 14:38 Longjumping-Monk-840 What to say if parent find sex toy?

Im an 18 yo male living with my parents and i have recently bought a fleshlight, i dont realy have any hiding places for it so sooner or later they will find it. When they find it how should i approach the situation i dont want to feel the shame and such
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2022.01.26 14:38 zmckay23 What is the difference between RCA and ARC or city carrier assistant?

The positions offered are confusing they sound very similar ..which one is full time and offers other possible job opportunities in the future at usps? How do they differ?
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2022.01.26 14:38 laszurc Ph premium hacked

Bro my account was hacked and someone went in changed my password and my email would I be able to get back into the account?
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2022.01.26 14:38 Comfortable_Bunch_11 Type me based on what I stated regarding Friendship Theories.

There are friendship theories that I want to talk about, as if a tried and proven kind-of experience like the Contact Hypothesis wherein bringing enemies together would lead toward friendship.
I once found out I made a bad impression on someone so basically she didn’t like me from the start. Yet, when my friend invited her with us to a game called “Breakout Room” we had no choice but to team-up. I would interact with her and I never really obsess over the idea that she doesn’t like me at all, because I want to see how far we could go if one of us put that prejudiced aside.
In the end, all the initiation I did to get her to open up with me led her to eventually interact with me. She might not like me till this day, but it doesn’t erase the fact that she doesn’t avoid me now; some way or another, if we’re going to stumble upon each other, she has to get used to it.
There are cases when enemies brought together can lead toward friendship. I even watched a movie regarding enemies who had to team-up to get out of a sticky situation, so this theory isn’t far from the truth.
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2022.01.26 14:38 IrelandonRedditBot [r/travel] My trip to Dublin, Ireland - January 2022

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2022.01.26 14:38 LigmaDos Possible Drip System Leak? Woke up this morning to the right side of my backyard heavily wet.

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2022.01.26 14:38 StarMapLIVE BTC - 38K reached with room to grow up to 41K

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2022.01.26 14:38 lucenator Could trying out a fetish make it go away? Anyone who experienced this?

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2022.01.26 14:38 Kyzerx102 What happened to umelt?

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2022.01.26 14:38 AlexDeathway I've created open-source framework for Data Scientists to convert Jupyter Notebooks into web apps with Django

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