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Rosemary extract increases neuronal cell glucose uptake and activates AMPK (2021)

2021.12.06 09:09 shion005 Rosemary extract increases neuronal cell glucose uptake and activates AMPK (2021)

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2021.12.06 09:09 IAMANACVENT Something Similar to RockAuto, O'Reilly Auto Parts, etc in Europe?

I've been spoiled as a youngster ordering parts off RockAuto and heading to the nearest chain store like O'Reilly to get some lifetime guaranteed parts when I was in the states. However, there's nothing similar here in Poland (or in Europe for the matter) than I can find to order from.
There's a few larger automotive stores, but they're primarily centered around late model German cars and have no ability (or at least willingness) to search for and order parts for something like a late 99s Honda CR-V or a 95 Mitsubishi Pajero.
I've been simply pulling the data for parts from RockAuto and ordering off Ebay, Amazon, Allegro, and OLX, but nothing here comes with any sort of guarantee, plus there are parts unique to European market (like the headlight angling controls) that just don't exist in the US parts database and therefore I have to do a much more tedious keyword search.
Anyone have a recommendation?
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2021.12.06 09:09 Tanvir2A Emerging chit funds on blockchain would add significant value to the financial Industry. #umachitfund

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2021.12.06 09:09 Evelinessa A totally normal game of chess

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2021.12.06 09:09 BakeSea3787 We are easy

Citadel hedzes short stop = we can sell
Citadel is don't stop = we will forever buy and hold
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2021.12.06 09:09 jerrbil Best mining practices with Asus 1080 Strix 6GB

Hi, everyone! I am new to mining. I recently purchased 1 gpu, the plan is to gain mining knowledge with lowest investment. I watched several YouTube how to videos, but seem to be stuck with 23MH/s
My questions are: have you recently mined with the 1080 Asus? Would you be kind enough to share the experience. Thank you
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2021.12.06 09:09 theuniverseisyou I took some pictures at a friend's gig over the weekend. Used my a6000 and the Sony e mount 50mm f1.8 prime lens. Things got challenging when they turned the lights off and the only lighting was blue... Details about camera settings in captions. Included unedited photo.

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2021.12.06 09:09 babymoominnn "Romance is a dream. But our psychological state is such that this vision cannot last long."

Romance is a dream - a dream in which we see the other as a god. But our psychological state is such that this vision cannot last long. We see the other as a god, but only momentarily; then the vision disappears and we are left in pitch darkness. And the relationship that was created on the basis of that vision of a god in the other will wither away.
There are so many divorces in the West because there marriages are not arranged by society; instead the young people themselves decide. Out of every hundred marriages made this year, twenty-five will be divorces by the next year. The remaining seventy-five which continue as marriages seem to be continuing out of helplessness. They seem to be continuing because of some other reasons, not because of love. The children are there, the job is there, the fear of loneliness is there, it is difficult to divorce - and it hurts their prestige to divorce. These are the reasons why they are held together.
So it is the marriages arranged by the society that are lasting, that is the first point. The reason this kind of marriage lasts is that there are no heights of love, but only a plain world of calculated moves where cunningness dominates over feelings. When society decides, it decides with the head, not with the heart. The heart cannot be relied upon, because it says yes one moment and no the next.
The arranged marriage will be lasting and stable, knowing neither great happiness nor great unhappiness. Neither is it born out of love, nor will it collapse through the disappearance of love.
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2021.12.06 09:09 TheCuriousArthropod Grinch of Reddit, why do you hate christmas?

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2021.12.06 09:09 MsNyara ✿ Rank 12-3 vs Rank 11-3 Chart ✿

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2021.12.06 09:09 Mihai_Popa I need Messi rare gold

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2021.12.06 09:09 ritschiejoe You just wait, sunshine

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2021.12.06 09:09 apkgsmod XAYY - Bankroll (Prod. By Mel Beats x GavinHadley)

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2021.12.06 09:09 FishMonkeyCow Typhoon Rain [Nikon F100 + 50mm F1.4d + Cinestill800t]

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2021.12.06 09:09 LastDayRulesSurvival YouTube Copyright Claims / Strikes (Paying up to $2.000)

Hello everyone,
I'm again looking for someone who could help me with YouTube copyright claims / strikes.
-Would pay $2.000-3.000 in Bitcoin.
Telegram: @fa58AC Discord: Dystinc#5933
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2021.12.06 09:09 its_5L3V1N KL wird Gesundheitsminister. Gut oder schlecht?

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2021.12.06 09:09 ArmTheMassive Have you ever had your mind blown casually listening to a band you are already familiar with?

Puscifer "Simultaneous"
I've always really enjoyed all of Maynard James Keenan's projects, but I've started taking a deeper dive recently and "Simultaneous" from Money Shot by Puscifer hit me like a truck this morning. I suppose I had just glossed over it before, but this time I had the album on in the background and decided on a whim to really sit and listen to this song. The long, casual build up ending with the line, "We will never know world peace until three people can simultaneously look each other straight in the eye," had me reeling. Has there ever been a time a beloved band or artist hit you with something unexpected that you'd missed on previous listens?
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2021.12.06 09:09 wandering_leprechaun How can I improve my respect for my wife? How do you continue to admire your partner?

We're working through a rough patch, and tonight we have a chat. My wife says I often make her feel useless. I criticise her, belittle her decisions. Essentially its emotional abuse.
I'll admit this is exactly what I do. I think she's a terrible decision maker, I think she lacks commitment, I think she's very slow at most things she does. Generally, she doesn't achieve or do much that I admire.
Someone once mentioned to me that you should place your significant other on a pedestal, look up to them, and honestly.... I don't have a huge amount of respect for my wife, particularly the way she thinks, and the way she prioritises her actions and conducts her life.
Do you ever spend time with someone and think: "I can't believe the way you do things?". That's me. Often.
BUT I don't want to be like this. She says "you didn't use to me this mean" and I think "I'm pretty sure you used to be a functioning person". I think we're both right, but we both need to change. I want to respect her. I want to view her in high regard. I want to look up to her and believe she's doing the right thing and making the right decisions.
I want to be proud of her.
I'm thinking we should start every day with a little plan for the day: what are our 3 big things?
I'm thinking I should start gratitude journalling, writing down things I admire about her.
Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for how I could improve my respect for my wife? How do you keep that respect high?
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2021.12.06 09:09 GoneToDevNull Shakepay Referral Code - $30 bonus when you sign up with Shakepay and buy/sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)

Shakepay Referral Code : Use the link below to get $30 CAD once you trade atleast $100 worth of cryptocurrency.
Shakepay: https://shakepay.com/?referrerCode=KRQ31DB
Once complete, the ShakingSats option becomes available. Shake your phone daily for free bitcoin.
In order to receive your reward, the new sign up must complete phone, email, and identity verification and purchase at least $100 worth of digital currency.
Already signed up and forgot to use a shakepay referral? Use this link https://shakepay.com/add-referral and enter code KRQ31DB
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2021.12.06 09:09 szmirgley 1.18 spawn on a mountainous island with a village and a woodland mansion!

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2021.12.06 09:09 dahomie_longstroke Happy early Christmas Trevon!

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2021.12.06 09:09 TheGoodSirRyan 'The Loud House' Official Discussion Thread: 'The Loud House Love Out Loud Special'

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2021.12.06 09:09 Margotli New study shows microplastics infiltrate blood brain barrier

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2021.12.06 09:09 Shona_13 FH4 - Online not available

I'm connected to the internet, teredo is fine, everything shows up as working properly, but online play is unavailable for me. How can I fix this problem?
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2021.12.06 09:09 Timely-Ad4687 Should I add her

My first love and I were together for around 3 years before we broke up about 7 years ago, it was a mutual break up as we were quite young and things fizzled out. During the time we were apart she did have a 2 year relationship shortly after she left but that she got cheated on. She did add me on social media a few years after we lost touch but I tried to stay away from her as I was still healing, I then found out she got engaged around 6 months after that. In that time I was in another relationship but also got cheated on ironically. My ex however (my first love) did end up getting married but now I have found out she has got divorced recently. I am guessing she's single now if the divorce is fresh, I know its a long shot but she was my first love and I never really forgot about her, even though we haven't been in touch for years do you think there could still be a chance for us to be together again? Should I try adding her on social media, if so how long should I wait?
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