CGI: Annunciation in Rotation by Andreas Wannerstedt

2021.10.25 10:43 highnchillin_ CGI: Annunciation in Rotation by Andreas Wannerstedt

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A fan made Destiny cinematic by Drexis Animations depicting Citan and Felwinters confrontation.
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2021.10.25 10:43 Akitooo My family doesnt want to celebrate my birthday

They didnt even say Happy Birthday. No Presents, nothing. Honestly fuck this whole world
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2021.10.25 10:43 fire4wd enable LidarrPlugin

hi everyone,
I was looking around in reddit and discord and I saw some screenshot with Plugin entry enabled.
It' only availabel on Docker or local installation too?
I searched online and wikiarr but I can't found anything.
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2021.10.25 10:43 h0tz3R4 Weird mark on catto’s nose

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2021.10.25 10:43 Scared-Lingonberry-6 What do you think is the single darkest day in U.S. history?

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2021.10.25 10:43 amynotadoctor Advice on what to say to my GYN who shared my results to a family member when I was not present

I’m not a confrontational person but I want to know what i should say in a situation like this to a Gynecologists (male) who knowingly shared my results after a ultra sound to my family member, (mom) when she was getting a check up by the different doctor. He saw her and from what my mom says he said there was smth wrong with my [retracted] and I needed to do another test in the hospital.
And no I’m not a minor. I was wondering if this was unprofessional, since it wasn’t a life or death situation and my friends said they’re not supposed to do that bc of doctor patient etc,etc. it’s the same way with regular doctors right?
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2021.10.25 10:43 wolg_vlad Creating our own version of map from Slay the Spire without scary math terms (code for Godot Engine included)

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2021.10.25 10:43 MasterRazar117 [XB1] H: BE lvl 40 2* Harpoon QE Lmg 2* QE/25 Vats Cost Fixer W: Uny/Ap/Sent Armor Set 3:1

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2021.10.25 10:43 ElectricalFennec Sideburn Story 2: The Curious Case of Master Kim, The Crazed Karateka, Side A: Kung Fu Fennec

Sideburn Story 2: The Curious Case of Master Kim, The Crazed Karateka, Side A: Kung Fu Fennec This is a reposted version of a tale I already posted, cut into two parts to make it easier to digest for any new readers, and easier for our man ReddX to one day read. This is Side A of the story.
As always, the names of persons involved have been changed, but the locations and events described within are unaltered.
Now it's time for another side story in the life of the Electrical Fennec! This story, unlike previous entries, is pretty much SFW, as it doesn't deal with anything perverse or heavy. It does however deal with a miiiiite of violence. That's to be expected, as it is the story of my short time learning American Kenpo Karate from the titular master. A man who definitely had the mark of neckbeardery, though he channeled it for good, so I can't entirely say I hate the guy. But there were... reasons I left. Which we will shortly get into. As far as timeline, this was sort of a sidequel to the beginning of the Serpentbeard story.
So then, let's jump into this second Sideburn-Story!
Meet The Cast
Fennec (Protagonus Narratio): Yep, it's still me! The dorky-ass weeb who curates these tales. Chose to engage in a karate class to both learn to defend myself and to interact with others. Despite my larger countenance, I actually managed to become a fairly decent yellow-belt over my time at the... erm, "dojo"?
Master Kim (Karatecus Lunaticus): The namesake of this story. A decent teacher of American Kenpo Karate, but would prove to be someone unsuited to the job in just over a year's time... Not an asshole, mind! Though I would have definitely picked up beard tendencies on our first meeting if the Fennec Tingle had learned to sense them yet... which it began to during this tale.
Mistress Kim (Karatecus Wifeica): The significant other of Master Kim. Had all the looks of a skeletal legbeard, but was actually a very sweet and kind lady that did her best to help wrangle in some of the younger students. Ran financial transactions for the karate school.
Simon (Nerdicus Prepubescica): One of the younglings of the... "dojo", and a good kid in his own right. Would ultimately be part of the reason that I left the dojo after only a year. Had huge nerd glasses and big front teeth, hence the name choice.
Moe, Curly and Larry (Combaticus Stoogicus): One teenage student and two adults, often seen as the class clowns. Names chosen due to their hairstyles of choice. Moe, believe it or not, was the class' star pupil at a brown belt, while Curly and Larry were both green belts. All good guys, if prone to rampant tomfoolery.
Taters (Policia Sternicus): A member of the Oregon State Patrol, and one of Fennecmom's closest work friends at the time. The man who recommended the class to me after college fell through, and a man who has a very intimidating countenance, akin to the Spiderverse interpretation of Kingpin. Often rather no-nonsense, but has a soft spot for children.
Fennecmom and Fennecdad (Parentus Nondivorcicum): My still-married (at the time) parents. Fennecdad hadn't yet lost use of his right arm, so hadn't gone full asshole yet, and Fennecmom was still somewhat happily married to him and still a badass forensic specialist, which is how she knew Taters. Minor players in this tale.
The Younglings (Karatecus Novicius): The numerous children hoping to get to learn to beat up other kids at school. All behaved as if their mothers regularly had an IV drip of high fructose inserted in their arms, but for the most part were good kids.
This story took place in The Dalles and Dallesport, largely at the school that Master Kim had rented out in the middle of the former. A quaint little floor space in a dignified area... right across from the thrift store and next door to one of the MANY local taverns. Adequate for the purpose of training a small class... though an unusual amount of space was used for some of his personal effects. (Seriously, who sets up a drum kit near the training space???)
Thus, the party is formed and the stage is set. Time to dive into our second...
Sideburn Story: The Curious Case of Master Kim, The Crazed Karateka
So after my failed attempt at higher learning, compared by a certain wolf to "throwing money into a bonfire", I ended up languishing at home, collecting the disability money Fennecdad had managed to get me set to receive when I turned 18 (he may have become a snarky asshole, but he still tried to help me out at times). Not that I didn't want to work, but this WAS during the recession, so even starter jobs were kinda hard to land at the time, and my mom always got told by (incorrect) psychologists that my spectrum-based diagnosis would probably lead to me living at home forever. At this time, I was almost resigned to it, hence why I interacted with Serpentbeard and the others. But at this time, I hadn't quite fallen in with that group just yet.
Dropping out of college was an action of necessity, but I admit that it had one fatal flaw: I no longer got to interact with people. I did manage to make a couple of friends when I was there (the Ginger Twins, a pair of awesome anime nerds I was very close to, and Tennyson, a fellow spectrum-diagnosed pal), but once I stopped going to campus, those friendships stagnated and ended. And thus, I was back to square one. So a couple of months passed, I met Serpentbeard and his crew and most my social interactions came from them. Lioness was largely uninvolved in this segment of my life as she had moved in with her current Idiot of the Year, Ginger Chad. (Remember the guy I mentioned trying to force an open relationship on Lioness in the previous Sideburn Story? Yeah, that guy.)
Then I went to a gathering with some of Fennecmom's coworkers, and got to talking with Taters, one of the longest-running members of the patrol. He sat next to me with a drink and got to talking.
"So Fennec. Yer mom tells me that you've been kind of... just hanging around at home, right?"
"Well, that's not... INaccurate? Why?"
"No, nothing, just... I was wondering if maybe you considered taking up a class or an activity to pass some time. Maybe make some new acquaintances in the process."
"Such as...?"
"Well, for example, I've been taking a karate class in town. A patrolman has to know how to defend oneself when unarmed, so I've been taking it for about a year now."
This perked up the ol' fennec ears as he told me about the class. He told me that he got along well with the adult members of the class, and that he had learned quite a bit from the teachings of the dojo's master, who he called Master Kim. The idea of joining the class was appealing, to be honest, and I could use some education in the ways of self defense.
"...where's this school?"
"Right across from the thrift store. You know that area, right?"
"Yeah... I'll talk to my parents about it."
I brought the idea up to my mom and dad that night. Fennecdad of course made some snarky comments about how big guys don't get to be all kung fu whooshy whooshy, but he still supported the idea if it got me out of the house for a bit. As was typical at this point in his life, he was ever the epitome of human kindness, like a warm summer breeze... wafting across the grassy knoll. Fennecmom was all for the idea, however, especially as it meant that me and Taters would be able to talk more. And if I made more friends there, all the better! She took me to the dojo a day later, to get myself signed up and learn what the class was about.
I use the term "dojo" very loosely. While it wasn't a bad place to learn the art, it wasn't a traditional dojo by any means. It was just a small rented space with basic brickwork, half linoleum flooring and half carpet. The whole space was all one room, with pics of an old blonde man pasted across the walls, shelves of martial arts trophies and... musical... paraphernalia?
What kind of dojo was this?????
That's when Master Kim came out of the nearby bathroom (which was carpeted, I might mention... the horror!) and saw me and Fennecmom.
"Well, howdy there! How can I help ya?"
When I heard the name "Master Kim", this man was not what I expected. I expected an actual asian martial artist teaching the class. What I wasn't aware of at the time was that... well, have you ever seen the Christoper Titus Special "The Voice In My Head"? Where he talks about the time he broke his hand during a Karate demonstration? He mentions briefly that ALL martial arts teachers in America are named Master Kim. Even the white ones. I hadn't yet been made privy to this fact, so I was caught off guard by what looked more like a Master Bonaduce. However, I don't want to make it sound like he didn't look like he could fight! This man, despite being a full foot shorter than me, was RIPPED. He had the face of Karl Urban, with the height of Kevin Hart, and yet he also possessed muscles to fit Dwayne Johnson.
Fennecmom was slightly caught off guard by this as well, but shook it off and spoke up. "Well, my son here was hoping that you would be willing to have him in your class. He wants to learn karate so he can defend himself should the need arise."
"Ah, excellent! I am more than willing to teach him the ways of American Kenpo," he answered, clapping his hands loudly. "Mistress Kim!"
From around the corner came his wife, Mistress Kim. She had long, stringy hair, a sunken in ghoul-like face, and a skeletal body structure. I was admittedly a little scared of her at first... until she spoke in the sweetest imaginable tone. "Hello sweetie! You're here to join Master Kim's class? We could always use more adult class members!"
"Uh... yeah! I'm willing to learn the ways of... American... kendo?" I replied hesitantly.
The two laughed at the slip. To be fair, I was new to this. Master Kim explained that American Kenpo was a branch of the art of Karate created by the blonde man plastered over the walls, one Ed Parker. It was, as he explained, a form of Karate re-developed to suit the needs of life on American streets, filling in the blanks on combat situations the basic school didn't cover. It all made a lot of sense to me, and I was intriguied by the background of this art. I was sold, and so was my mom. I wrote my first check for the class and handed it to Mistress Kim, telling them my Gi size.
The class was inexpensive, a 75 dollar a month investment. When I came in for my first class, he gave me my gi (Incidentally, it was electric blue! My favorite color!) and white belt, and I got changed, joining the rest of the class. I met the younglings, the sole teenage student Moe, and the two other adult students, Curly and Larry. Moe had been taking this class since he was 10 years old and was a pretty impressive karate master in his own right. All accounts said that he was probably going to earn his black belt sometime next year. He was a little cocky, this said, but he never struck me as malevolent. Curly and Larry were childhood friends who picked up the class a couple of years before I did, also seeking to get some self-defense training, particularly Larry after some... incidents happened. I won't detail them here out of respect for his personal life. Notably, Curly was well aware of his own resemblance to said stooge, and would often even use his famous catchphrases.
Taters was his typical stoic self, but during my inaugural class, I did take note that he became surprisingly soft and friendly with the younglings. It made me smile to see a side to Fennecmom's coworker that I never got to observe before.
The beginning of my education was spent making sure proper... uh, "dojo" etiquette (stuff like bowing to the mat when stepping off it, and bowing when you enter or leave the dojo) and the basics were drilled into my head. There were three classes a week; two fundamental and technique demonstration classes, and one sparring night every friday. The fundamentals were quickly absorbed as I listened to Master Kim's teachings. "Use a proper fighting stance; never stand flatfooted; One arm up and one arm down to cover high and low attacks" and so on and so forth. I understood the basics, and after a couple of weeks of the fundamentals, he demonstrated my first technique: the Delayed Sword, for use against a punch or one-handed shove. (Most techniques were designated with weapon names to specify what kind of blow was used to counter an attack, and a sword is what one would typically call a chop.) I got a pretty quick grasp of the technique, and was told to practice it as much as I could, even at home. I made sure to note the motions of the technique, and repeated it until I understood the flow of my movements.
The first six months went on like this. At the rate I went, I learned a new technique once every two to three weeks. I looked at the Yellow Belt requirements chart to remind myself of the moves I would need to know, as well as the blocking set and Short Form 1, a short kata I would need to memorize by the time of my advancement exam. (I still have it memorized: Moving in an L-pattern back and forth, Two inward blocks, then outward, upward and downward, finish with the ready stance and a bow.) I was getting pretty excited as I learned more and more about martial arts, I won't lie. And Fennecmom was actually pretty happy about how I was getting some outside interaction and getting some exercise.
Fennecdad, of course, still found ways to make little of my enjoyment of karate. He may have been worried about my getting into the class as it came shortly after I almost punched him one time during the "I'll throw yer ass out!" incident I briefly alluded to in another tale. I'm not entirely sure. I do want to say I did NOT take the class in hopes of beating up my own dad. Life was doing a fine enough job beating him down for me. But whatever his motivation, he would often talk down to me about how much I was practicing, how ridiculous it was for a fat guy to even be getting into martial arts (yeah, because exercise isn't a good reason to train up, jackass) and how creepy it looked for a handful of grown men to be training with children.
That last one, he threw out while we were at class. And everyone could hear him.
"Buncha old men getting to grapple with little boys. Wonder what that says about your classmates?"
Aaaaaand you're 70 at this point and sitting there WATCHING the same class, dad. What's that say about you?
I just rolled my eyes and flipped him off while his back was turned. Strangely, this got Master Kim's attention and he pulled me aside. Thankfully, he whispered our conversation to me so Fennecdad couldn't hear.
"Hey Fennec... I want to ask you not to disrespect your father like that again, please."
"Disrespect? I-I didn't--" I started to stammer.
"Don't lie. I saw you flip him off under your gi."
Crap... he saw it.
"I get it. He's... very opinionated. And I don't really approve of what he said either. But he's still your father. You'll come to regret these moments when he's gone."
"...not likely..." I muttered quietly.
"I know it might not seem like it, but trust me. I had a bad relationship with my father and I regret all the times we fought too," Master Kim said gently. "Just... try to at least get along with him while you're here, alright?"
" promises, but okay."
I will admit, Master Kim had wisdom I didn't see at that point in time.
Anyway. Six months in. Exam time for my yellow belt. I was nervous, but I took a deep breath as all the other students sat on their knees and I stepped to the center of the mat. Master Kim called out the techniques in the order they came on the list, and I performed them in response. Ten techniques. Delayed Sword, Alternating Maces, Sword of Destruction, Deflecting Hammer, all the way down to Sword and Hammer. An easy enough set of techniques, and much easier than the upcoming 16-move sets for the upcoming belts.
Then I ran through the blocking set, demonstrating the different blocks, and finally finished with Short Form 1, which I had practiced so much I could perform it with my eyes closed and still return exactly where the starting mark was. I nailed my exam and earned my yellow belt.
At this point, I was getting pretty agile despite my bulkier size. Enough so that in a sparring match, I actually was able to go toe to toe with Moe himself, which only fed his competitive streak even more. Dad couldn't really find anything to pick at about my martial arts training, so he kind of... gave up making fun of me. Instead, he would just go across the street and bargain hunt during my classes. (To be fair, I would if I were him too.) I continued the courses, and would often spar with Taters when I had the chance. He noted I was getting better and let me know as much.
"Gettin' faster with the punches there, Fennec. Just gotta work on the accuracy."
"Guess we both have something to work on, eh, turtle man?"
We snipped at each other like this for fun. Joke as I did about his lacking speed, he more than made up for it with a fair amount of power behind his strikes. To be fair, again, Taters was basically Wilson Fisk in a cop uniform outside the dojo. Having power over speed wasn't any real shock.
Now, the technique list was a little bigger than the previous one. I know that the curriculum Master Kim followed was modified from the standard list, as the school he taught split them down from 24 per rank to 16, and added a few ranks to brown belt to compensate. And I learned 8,which got me my orange stripe, a small patch of fabric which you fastened to your yellow belt once you reached the halfway mark. I grinned and showed Larry the orange patch. "Check it out, Lar! I got my orange patch!"
I noticed a small cringe form on my frizzy-haired, goatee'd friend before he managed a smile.
"Well... good luck on getting to the next belt... and ah... strap in. Ride's gonna get rough," he said as he nodded in approval.
And with that, we wrap up Side A of this tale. This will, as with the previous story, be continued in Side B, tentatively titled "Kung Foolery". Thanks for once again tuning into this session of Massively Multiplayer Online Group Therapy, and I'll see you guys in the next half of the tale. Until we meet again, this Sideburn Story is...
See You, Space Cowboy...
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2021.10.25 10:43 Smiling_Banana A plant is growing out of my mop

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2021.10.25 10:43 Pertudles PlayStation 5

Has anyone seen any around town ?
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2021.10.25 10:43 IEatTomayos [Hiring] (Online) I need someone that is a college athlete or was a athlete back in college to answer a few questions.

Hey guys I need someone to interview for my class about research. I need someone who was an college athlete or currently is and answer a small questionnaire of 15 questions.
Thanks you Im offering 10$ for help after answering the questions
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